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Qogita aims to introduce more fairness to global commerce by enabling small and medium players to gain market access and prices that are usually saved only for very large businesses. We are doing so by truly considering the impact of commerce on the environment, and finding ways to reduce it. Each order, transaction, package and shipment counts towards our goal.

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Our platform has helped 10,000+ buyers representing 91698 brands through 4733 categories and it continues to grow

For buyers

We offer small businesses easy access to low prices, from a stable global supply base. Prices are at their lowest from the very first unit purchased, ensuring there is no bias to larger businesses ordering huge quantities.

We can see the global struggles with inflation and understand that wholesale prices continue to rise. So, during these tough economic times, we promise to ensure hard-working merchants can increase profitability by providing the best prices at all times.

2 million available products

Up to 90-day payment terms

Low minimum orders of €1k

Our technology is impressive, but it's the core value of our offering to sellers that makes us truly unique

For sellers

We support the merchant & wholesale community, by allowing sellers worldwide to operate in a more productive way. Selling goods on other platforms is usually accompanied by significant listing rates. Qogita uniquely enables its sellers to maximize sales without added costs.

Each merchant that joins Qogita strengthens the whole merchant community, it's important to realise that acting as a group makes the community stronger.

Zero fees to list and sell goods

Realtime feedback on how to be more competitive

Get paid securely and instantly


We believe in a simple approach, lower prices for merchant-buyers when they need it most – encouraging businesses to survive – strengthening the global economy in the short and long term. By staying competitive, each merchant will earn a deserved space in the marketplace.

Qogita gobal network


Encouraging businesses to buy and sell through Qogita cuts the number of handovers during the shipment journey. Doing so means fewer emissions and less pollution, helping you reach your environmental strategy.

Qogita gobal network

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