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Supplier Partnerships

Understand the wholesale suppliers on Qogita, and how we partner with them to pass on value to our buyers.

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Who are our suppliers?

Buying via Qogita means purchasing from our network of European wholesale suppliers.

400 suppliers across Europe

Qogita has a network of 400+ suppliers in over 30 countries around Europe and the UK.

Vetted network of health & beauty suppliers

Our supplier network is made up of a stringently vetted group of health & beauty wholesalers, distributors and brands. For example, our network includes:

• Arrow Brands & Distributions S.R.L. (Italy)

• Gabona Group & Trena (Poland)

• Pombex Premium SL (Spain)

• Brasty Group S.R.O. (Czechia)

Free access to our supplier network

Signing up to Qogita provides instant and free access to our network of suppliers.

Supplier onboarding

New suppliers on Qogita must pass a series of onboarding checks that ensure they will be able to meet our standards of service.

Company vetting for quality and excellence

The company’s details and suitability are verified; we only work with large, established wholesalers, distributors, and brands.

The verification process involves comprehensive due diligence checks and on site visits to ensure a track record of product quality, process excellence, and service.

We run suppliers through a trial order program to validate their ability to meet our standards.

Close integrations for product data accuracy

We integrate directly to supplier APIs to enable real-time data synchronization between supplier stocklists and Qogita. We refresh supplier stocklist data hourly to ensure our offering is up to date.

All stock must be sitting in warehouses, ready to ship.

Our API integrations ensure suppliers are alerted as soon as an order is placed, so it can be processed and fulfilled accurately according to their live stock levels.

We also establish stakeholder relationships for ongoing supplier partnerships and performance management.

Establish shipping and service standards

We only offer authentic, EU clean goods.

Orders must be dispatched within 2 days, and delivered in under 1 week.

Products must be shipped according to our strict packaging requirements.

Supplier Success Program

Post-onboarding, we cultivate long-term supplier partnerships focused on continuous improvement.

Encourage price reductions

We regularly encourage suppliers to reduce their prices wherever there are opportunities to capture order demand.

Boost supplier business growth

We empower suppliers to grow their business by exposing them to the Qogita buyer network while reducing their operational overheads.

Supplier performance management

We keep supplier performance in check by continuously providing insights about key metrics including fulfillment rate, delivery time, claim rate, and stocklist freshness. We push suppliers to improve if these metrics fall below our strict requirements.

Trend insights for suppliers

We use watch listed items to inform suppliers about in-demand products, and use internal buyer analytics and market research to provide feedback on trending brands suppliers should stock.

Selling on Qogita has some awesome perks! You'll get more orders, which means more sales. Plus, the Qogita team is super easy to chat with, so you'll get all the help you need. And the best part? Your business can totally boom on this platform, opening doors for some serious growth opportunities!

Radim Michalek

Sales manager at Brasty Group S.R.O.

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