Buyer Information

Key Steps Outlined For Buyers From Account Creation To Placing An Order

Step 1

Create Your Account

  • We only accept companies as clients

    We will verify both your VAT number and CoC number on joining

  • We place no restrictions on company size or shape

    Any interested organization, big or small, is welcome to join the platform

  • We cater to a wide variety of organizations

    Including brands, distributors, wholesalers, trading companies and retailers

Step 2

Find Interesting Products

  • Browse our entire catalog

    Consisting of approximately 1.1M SKUs, 56K brands, and 4.2K categories

  • Use the tools you are most comfortable with

    Search our website, download an Excel sheet, or use our API

  • Narrow down the results using various tools

    Filter or sort on brand, category, estimated margin or discount

Step 3

Analyze Your Options

  • Use our data analytics to simplify your purchasing decisions

    The days of buying in the dark are officially over

  • Use our bestseller score to see what is selling quickly

    We analyze retailer websites daily to produce these insights

  • Zoom in on products that yield sufficient gross margin

    Use our margin and discount estimates

Step 4

Optimize Your Cart

  • Add products to your cart using the tools you prefer

    Manually via the website, by uploading an Excel sheet or using our API

  • Minimize cost and maximize turnover

    Our algorithm will allocate your cart to the most suitable suppliers

  • Strengthen your competitive advantage

    Buying at the right price has never been this easy

Step 5

Place Your Order

  • Pay the balance to finalize purchase

    Things will start to kickoff after this step

  • Receive your sales invoice

    Detailing the exact SKUs and quantities that will be delivered

  • Our suppliers will pick, pack and ship your ordered products

    Please make sure your delivery address is correct

Step 6

Receive Ordered Goods

  • The order will be carefully handled by reputable shipping carriers

    Track & trace codes will be provided for your convenience

  • Once delivered, confirm everything is as expected

    Let us know as soon as possible if this is not the case

  • Congratulations with your order!

    We cannot wait to see what you purchase from us next


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