About Qogita

How Qogita (Pronounced KO-gi-ta) Came To Be

First-Hand Experience

Frustrations With Status Quo

  • Finding Good Suppliers Is Critical But Difficult

    Suppliers are hidden from search engines and often difficult to integrate

  • Suppliers Are Diverse And Hard To Compare

    Significant discrepancies in prices, order minima and terms are common

  • A Pipeline of Many Suppliers Is A Necessity

    Rarely (if at all) do suppliers offer all you need at competitive prices

Battle Tested Solution

Used In-House, Perfected For You

  • Integrate Your Systems In Minutes, Not Months

    Whatever the technological requirements, Qogita can handle it

  • Supplier Optimization, Built-In As Standard

    No more need to buy from one supplier nor to buy at bad prices

  • Large And Highly Available Catalog

    Consistent offering spanning thousands of brands and categories

Key Seller Benefits

Win-Win For Buyers & Sellers Alike

  • Find New Buyers, Quickly

    Broaden your geographic sales market reach with zero effort

  • Simplify Your Technology Stack

    Let Qogita manage complexities (e.g., website, API, marketing)

  • Focus On Your Core Strength

    Offering the right products, at the right time at a competitive price

We Are Backed By The Best

Shared Vision To Change Wholesale For Good

  • Our Investors Previously Backed Great Companies

    They are known for Transferwise, Shopify, LinkedIn and many others

  • Our Angels Have Done Similar Things Before

    Executives of Viber, Dynamic Yield, Farfetch and Gumtree back us

  • We Unanimously Share One Simple Goal

    Do whatever it takes to increase wholesale market efficiency


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