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Qogita's Strict Rules on Protecting User Data

User privacy and data security are of utmost importance to Qogita. This policy oversees and outlines the way in which Qogita collects, uses, maintains and discloses information collected from users of Qogita's platform, its customers and its suppliers.

By signing up to Qogita (directly with us or through a third party application, plug-in, extension or integration) you agree and accept these Terms, to the use of personal data and cookie technologies stated on our Cookie Statement.

What Information Qogita Collects And How It Is Used

Qogita collects information about users either when users provide it themselves, when users have an open account with Qogita or when Qogita feels there is a legitimate business interest between the two companies. The information is used to enable Qogita to run its business and manage the relationship between the user and Qogita as effectively as possible.

Account Information

Client contact information is used to send transactional communication via email. This includes confirming purchases made, arranging delivery of orders placed, providing customer support, responding to quote requests and product queries. Provided phone numbers are used for this purpose as well.

Qogita retains account information for as long as the business relationship is active. After a reasonable period of inactivity, Qogita will delete all personal identifiable information on the account. If not possible, for example in the event of details of an account relating to that of a sole-trader which could reveal personal information, Qogita would instead anonymise the data.

Website Analytics

Qogita collects information about the user's computer, phone, tablet, or other devices used to access Qogita's platform. Qogita also collect information through the user's device about the operating system, browser type, IP address, URLs of referring/exit pages and other device identifiers. Qogita uses this data to analyse how people are using the platform and to offer a better service dependant on the device that is being used.

Security & Functionality

Qogita uses cookies on its platform. Cookies are used for functionality purposes only and, unless stated otherwise, are not used for targeting purposes. It is possible to opt-out of cookies by instructing the web browser to do so (please note, however, that some website features on the platform may not be available or functioning properly). When logging into Qogita the user's IP address is monitored to avoid suspicious activity.


Qogita uses provided contact information to market products which it believes may be of interest to its customers. Qogita will retain the information regarding user preferences for a period of two years. If Qogita does not hear from the user over a period of 2 years, the user's related data will be removed from Qogita's marketing lists. In the meantime, users can control whether they want to stop receiving these communications by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any of these emails or simply by emailing [email protected].

Supplementary Data

Qogita may obtain supplementary data from other publicly available data sources. Examples include linking a LinkedIn profile against the user account, obtaining company information from Chambers of Commerce and/or undertaking a credit check for due diligence. Qogita uses this information to enrich its own data, to analyze the accuracy of its own data and to ensure Qogita is offering relevant products to its customers.

Careers And Job Applications

Qogita will use the data from provided CV's, cover letters and other data sources to make decisions regarding job applications.

How Qogita Shares Collected Information

Qogita does not sell user data to other providers. However, Qogita does utilise various cloud-based systems which means the storage of user data is not always hosted at Qogita's main office. Third party checks are in place to ensure data is stored in a GDPR compliant way.

How Qogita Stores Collected Information

Qogita uses data hosting providers in the EEA to host the information it collects. All third-party providers are carefully considered and assurances provided that user data remains secure, including verification of widely accepted standards and regulations (for example, ISO27001).

Qogita enforces strict internal security measures to ensure only the required individuals have access to user data. Combining this with strict password, dual factor authentication and geo-restricted access policies ensures Qogita keeps user data as secure as possible.

How Users Can Control Their Information

The user data Qogita collects is the user's own property. Users have a number of rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and The Data Protection Act (DPA). Users have the right to request Qogita for access to and rectification or erasure of their personal data and the right to restrict processing or object to processing of their data.

Request Qogita To Stop Using Information

In some cases, users may ask Qogita to stop accessing, storing, using and otherwise processing their information where the users believes Qogita does not have the appropriate rights to do so. For example, if the user believes Qogita has gained personal information about the user which the user has not given consent towards, that user can request Qogita deletes this information.

Opt-Out Of Communications

Users may opt out of receiving marketing material from Qogita by using the unsubscribe link within each email or by contacting us at [email protected]. Once the user does this, they will no-longer receive any product offers from Qogita. Even after opting out of marketing emails, the user will still receive transactional emails related to any orders they may have placed.

Other Important Privacy Information

User Rights

If the user feels that Qogita has not complied with the requirements of GDPR or the DPA about their personal data, the user has the right to lodge a formal complaint with the relevant authorities.

Privacy Policy Changes

Qogita is free to change this privacy policy from time to time. Any future changes Qogita make will always be considered to make sure Qogita is processing user data fairly, legally and honestly. Qogita encourage the user to review Qogita's privacy policy from time to time to stay informed about how Qogita is processing their information.