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What we do

Our technology is expected to change the lives of every individual worldwide. Introducing an intuitive, digital buying and selling process for businesses means lower consumer prices on every product in the market. It also means less shipping and hence less usage of fossil fuels. If you are as driven by impacting the world we live in, your place is with us.

Qogitans strive to provide a transparent, best-in-class service to our customers. We need more people that care about these things. We have an amazing product that customers love to use, tier-one investors who previously backed Etsy, Pinterest, and Shopify, and cash in the bank to support multiple years of financial stability.

We're still quite new (established in early 2021!) but growing and learning daily. There are 130 Qogitans already, and as an ever-evolving business, we're strongly focused on developing our people-focused culture. The aim is to empower true personal excellence through being the friendliest and most collaborative work environment you've ever experienced, where your manager is there to support your growth and encourage your ideas.

Our values

These are the principles that guide our organization's day-to-day decisions; and are the defining component of our culture at Qogita.

  • Own it

    We treat the business as if it were our own. We are a small team, each one of us is accountable for our company's successes and failures.

  • Do it together

    We support one another when we fail, we learn from each other, and we celebrate success together. We always push ourselves to be the best possible teammates to each other.

  • Iterate quickly

    When in doubt, we apply the 80/20 rule, simple solutions first. We learn, acquire and build new skills and gain experiences every day. We are action and result oriented.

  • Know your s**t!

    We measure our results and know our goals and plans, but we question our assumptions. We nurture curiosity about our customers' needs, challenges, and aspirations.

Qogita is going from strength to strength

Check out our growth story as we expand our business across new countries and grow our team. We're aiming high and so far have exceeded our expectations. With growth comes opportunities. We'd like to hear from you anytime, no matter if you find a job that suits you today, because who knows what tomorrow will bring!

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Hiring process

Our 3-stage hiring process. Qogitans like working at speed, and that includes our hiring process. Our 3 stage process is designed to identify the right people for Qogita quickly and efficiently.

Hiring process number 1

Talent team interview

Review together with you that the role, and Qogita are a good match with your experience and goals.

Hiring process number 2

Hiring manager interview

Where we focus on your experience, soft skills, and competencies.

Hiring process number 3

Senior leadership interview

Our final round for senior roles. This may include an assessment, role dependent.

Tips for success

Above all - Get to know Qogita. Read about us on our site, Trustpilot, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and even Crunchbase. But also - refine your CV for the job you're applying to. Be as concise as possible, including all relevant work experience and education.

Fist tip

Interviews with Talent Partners will include open questions like:

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Tell me about your current/last role and why you want to make a change?

Note icon

What relevant projects have you worked on?

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What is your preferred working style and how do you typically deal with changes?

Second tip

Interviews with a Hiring Manager will be more of a deep dive into the skills needed for the role, and how you have applied them in the past. You will likely get questions like:

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Why did you make that decision or what was the intended outcome?

Third tip

Final interviews with senior staff are a chance to discuss plans for the business with our leaders. You 3 may be asked questions like:

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What is needed in this role or how do you propose to improve things?

Are we right for you?

We're learning and evolving daily as a (fairly) new company. We are fast, there are constant changes, ambiguity, and a remote-first working culture. If that doesn't sound like fun to you, we're not the right place to work

If you want to experience something that has never been done before, this is the right place. For that, you'd need to count on your experience to date, but add another layer, think outside the box and get creative. We'd love to get an application from you at any time.

Are we right for you images

There can be something other than a relevant open role, and we have new jobs opening up most weeks. Send your open application to [email protected] and clearly articulate the skills you can offer and your ideal role. Inclusive hiring process adaptations.

As an inclusive employer, we're always open to adaptations to our hiring process to ensure everyone has the same opportunities. Please contact [email protected] to discuss this.



We're a remote-first company with physical offices in London and Amsterdam


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Full onboarding home office equipment package (Mac or PC)


Performance-based bonuses


Wellbeing benefits to suit your location


Bi-annual team social events

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