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Our technology intelligently curates offers to ensure you always get the best price available in the market.

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How we built the catalog

Live analysis of 2 million offers across 160,000+ products to find you the absolute best deal.

Step 1

Gather offers from 400 wholesalers

  • Our system integrates with over 400 wholesale suppliers, including their unique product catalogs, inventory levels, and pricing data.

  • All active stocklist data is compiled in our centralized offers database, ready to be analyzed and showcased on our website.

Step 2

Find one low price for each product

  • Every product GTIN in our database has multiple offers, as various suppliers stock the same product.

  • Each offer has a unique price and stock level, set by the supplier.

  • To provide the best deals, we developed an advanced pricing algorithm that analyzes offers in real-time, and compares them based on factors like price and stock level.

  • Top-ranked offers that provide a competitive combination of stock at low prices are identified as eligible to be offered on our catalog.

  • Our pricing algorithm aggregates top offers into a single convenient listing, with one low price.

Step 3

An entire catalog of value and convenience

  • For every item on the Qogita catalog, we use our pricing algorithm to consolidate competitive offers into one cost-optimized listing.

  • With a few clicks, you can purchase at the lowest market price available from our network of 400+ vetted suppliers.

  • Catalog listings also consider your shipping preferences to only select top offers from preferred regions, ensuring fast delivery.

  • With the Qogita catalog, you will always get the best price, stock, and delivery time for 160k+ GTINs

Step 4

Three procurement solutions. Endless profitable offers.

Alongside the Qogita catalog, our supplier partnerships enable us to provide two additional procurement services.

Qogita catalog price

One low price across the entire catalog.

Procurement needs:

  • Lots of GTINs
  • Low and medium quantities

How it works:

Pricing algorithm consolidates multiple top offers into one convenient listing for easy purchase.

Hot deals

Special discounted offers on specific products.

Procurement needs:

  • One GTIN at a great price
  • Limited quantities
  • Fast deliveries

Qogita Custom Procurement

Bulk discount deals manually negotiated on your behalf.

Procurement needs:

  • Low number of GTINs
  • High quantities
  • Longer delivery times

One low price. Streamlined procurement.

By unifying 400 supplier offerings in one place, the Qogita catalog unlocks a revolutionary procurement solution.

Exclusive pricing access

Small-to-medium retailers can access pricing usually reserved for big businesses or large orders.

One-stop shop

The entire market in one place for all your procurement needs.

Low MOVs

First orders can be as low as €150, making it easy for first-time buyers to try our service!

Easy trial orders on new products

We have no minimum order quantity requirements for any GTINs, enabling buyers to test new products with small trial orders before committing to larger purchases.

It's a great company. I love working with this company every day and I'm always pleasantly surprised. I can give an unconditional recommendation.

Michael König

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