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Qogita partner Spotlight

Partner Spotlight

Scaling up to revolutionize B2B wholesale takes commitment, which is why we work with only the most influential partners. From freight forwarders and warehouses to legal teams and accounting firms, only the best will help us achieve our goals.

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Finance partners

We work with some of the most reputable finance, tax and accounting firms to ensure our company demonstrates global financial reporting and management standards.

Navigating these complexities can be challenging for any new business, especially when you're looking to revolutionize a whole industry. Working with blue chip partners in these areas helps us to steer in the right direction while being scalable and effective.

Accountants: Deloitte

Debt Collection: Intrum, Atradius

Credit Ratings and Risk Management: Dun & Bradstreet, Graydon

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Legal partners

Being a global company, we must continue to grow in new regions and unfamiliar territories. We work with the most trusted legal partners worldwide to stay updated with local laws and regulations.

Corporate lawyers: Debrauw, Macfarlanes

IP and Trademarks: Novagraaf

GDPR and Data Protection: Aphaia


Our partnered warehouses are ColliCare and ECC.

Netherlands-based, they are both known for holding the highest standard for worldwide logistical services:

ColliCare - an ISO-certified company with over 15 years of experience and a multinational scale.

ECC - a pioneer in its usage of advanced technology and supply-chain solutions.

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Their clients include the likes of Red Bull, IKEA, Segway, Bissell, and many more.

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Hear from a selection of our partners

Happy Discounter

We have been working closely with Qogita throughout 2022 to ship orders to their customers. The collaboration has been extremely effective, beneficial and rewarding for us. We are able to drive incremental revenue in new markets, we can fulfill orders quickly and easily using the streamlined Qogita processes and technology, and are meanwhile reducing time and costs for our business.


We have been working closely with Qogita as their preferred export partner. Their growth, combined with robust process development and excellent technological developments, makes growing our business easy. Starting with processing only a few orders in the first week, we have seen fast and steady growth in demand, very quickly we started enjoying a significant influx of business coming from Qogita.

Stock Perfume

Apart from a well-managed growth and access to a great buyers pool, Qogita’s accounts payable department has been impeccable in paying quickly and on time. These are key fundamentals for a professional approach to the market and will strengthen their reputation.

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