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Connect with thousands of suppliers and save time and money with our one-stop wholesale marketplace for branded products.

Browse our catalog of 150,000+ SKUs and €500M+ worth of stock, all available and on the warehouse floor of our 200+ sellers in Europe.

Competitively priced and ready to ship in a few days.

How Qogita works

Our popular brands

  • Maybelline New York
  • Garnier
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Nivea
  • Versace
  • Chanel

What our buyers are saying

Buying from Qogita has a great impact on our business as they have a huge range of products at a great price and also their financing program help us to grow faster than we could do without it. You don't need another supplier once you have Qogita as a supplier!

Anton Arcalianu

Founder at Motrade International Ltd

Using Qogita has allowed me to quickly source a lot of products with minimal hassle and at a good price. It is a huge time saver and really lets me focus on growing the business. The interface is intuitive and much simpler than juggling all the spreadsheets from my other suppliers.

Tudor Ailoaei

Managing Director at Zimmerman GP SRL

Qogita has been a game-changer for my e-commerce business. Its extensive resources, expert connections and user friendly interface have revolutionized the way I look for lucrative deals. I highly recommend Qogita to e-commerce entrepreneurs looking to gain a competitive edge in the online marketplace.

Orhan Oguz

Business Owner at George-Allan Bright Asare

I was initially skeptical about partnering with a new wholesale procurement company, but Qogita has exceeded all my expectations. Their team is responsive, professional, and goes above and beyond to meet my specific business needs. With their extensive network and expertise, they have helped me streamline my procurement process and save both time and money. Qogita is a game-changer, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable wholesale partner.

Vien Hoang

CEO & Founder at Poppun Limited

Optimize your procurement

How Qogita works

Our cutting-edge technology seamlessly substitutes the work of a large procurement team. Instead of finding potential suppliers, and negotiating with each, all your product needs are here and at the best price available.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Start by filling your cart with all desired items, choosing from millions of products
  2. Qogita then finds the best available prices for all your product needs, and presents you with a single, organized cart
  3. All that’s left for you to do is to choose how and when to pay, then focus on selling while we take care of everything
How Qogita works

All that time spent comparing deals from different sellers, performed in the blink of an eye. Compete with large companies and build your business on Qogita.

Access to our benefits

Intuitive platform icon

Intuitive platform

Order, pay and track deliveries in a single place, saving you precious time and unnecessary frustration

Unmatched prices icon

Unmatched prices

Find the best prices from Qogita’s vast global supplier network, and source at the lowest offers

Easy logistics icon

Easy logistics

Simplified logistics, zero paperwork. No need to arrange deliveries, we'll handle shipments for you

Flexible payments icon

Flexible payments

Buy now, pay later with flexible financing. Ease your cash flow, defer your payments by 30, 60 or 90 days

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Authenticity guaranteed icon

Authenticity guaranteed

We ensure our sellers maintain the highest integrity in every product to meet quality standards

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Shipping with protection included icon

Shipping with protection included

No need to calculate additional costs, we’ve got everything from shipping to logistics covered

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With suppliers located in 30+ countries, we find the best way to get the goods you need. Navigate the global catalog and get an edge over your competition.

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Sell via Qogita

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Sell via Qogita

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  • Outsource logistics when you need it
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