• €1.5K MOV
  • 23% Discount
  • Global Shipping
  • ~271.7K Products
  • ~16.4K Brands
  • ~14.7K Categories

Why Qogita

Reasons Why Qogita Can Help Your Business Reach New Heights


  • Generate higher margins

    Allocate your cart to the right suppliers

  • Spend less on marketing

    Generate sales organically on the platform

  • Achieve higher turnover

    Buy only what you need, when you need it


  • Single API for all procurement

    Robust with zero maintenance required

  • Discover interesting SKUs quickly

    Know what is selling at which margins

  • Automate everything

    What to buy, when, from where


  • Significantly reduce labor cost

    Sales & purchasing become more efficient

  • Access to the largest supplier

    272K SKUs, 16K brands, and 14.7K categories

  • High availability & throughput

    No single point of failure in supply chain

Benefits For

Brands & Brand Owners

  • Dramatically reduce complexity

    Simplify processes and deal with a single counterparty only

  • Market your products globally

    Find stockists easily and fast all across the globe

  • Shortcut the supply chain

    Go direct to your end consumers and grow margins

Benefits For

Distributors, Wholesalers & Traders

  • Broaden your distribution network

    Find interesting suppliers and buyers across the globe

  • Spend time more productively

    Source products at the right price and let Qogita do the selling

  • Find new products, brand and categories

    Sell these to your own clients and gain a competitive edge

Benefits For


  • Low minima, unlimited maxima

    We welcome everyone, from small businesses to large enterprises

  • Unparalleled technology

    Resilient supply that is open to order when you want, how you want

  • We always have your back

    Order each individual item from the best suppliers only