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Pay less to stay protected, without dealing with 3rd parties

We understand that shipments can get damaged, lost or stolen. To give you peace of mind, optional shipping insurance can be applied to each order for a low fee.

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How it works

Protecting your future goods with Qogita&s insurance options is so simple.

Purchase upfront or with one of our flexible finance options, and insurance will be added as standard at checkout.

What am I covered for?

  • Damaged items while in transit
  • Deliveries to incorrect addresses
  • Lost shipments
  • Items lost in transit
  • Stolen items
How insurance in Qogita works

Insurance benefits

Added assurance and security

With so many other concerns in running a business, knowing that incoming deliveries are covered is a big relief. Should any shipment hit a snag, you don’t have to worry about additional costs or disrupting your overall business operations.

Better customer service

Our dedicated and well trained support team will assist in effectively solving any related problem when needed. Having one team servicing the whole process is very important and our claim process is fast, easy and transparent.

No additional effort

Shipping insurance is simple to add at checkout, there aren’t additional forms you have to fill in and we’ll handle the rest for you.

Claims process

Existing buyer? Raising a claim is simple, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the relevant order in your orders

  2. Click Submit a claim

  3. Amend the online claim form with the affected items you are claiming for

  4. Upload your supporting evidence using the guidance below

  5. Click the Submit claim button


Financed orders are automatically insured, you can find more information about Qogita Financing on the dedicated page.

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“Buying such in-transit coverage used to cost a lot more than Qogita charged for the same cover, and not having this coverage is not an option for me. Goods, credit and insurance in one go, all easily added at checkout, what an effective combination!”

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