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Answers To Some Of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

General, Payments & Account

What Payment Methods Does Qogita Accept?

Qogita currently offers four payment methods at checkout. Those are:

  1. SEPA Debits
  2. Credit Cards
    • Variable Surcharge: 1.40%
  3. iDeal
  4. Bank Transfers

If you would like to pay using a different payment method, let our support team know. Qogita considers customer input when adding additional payment methods.

Can Anyone Become Qogita's Customer?

Qogita currently only accepts businesses as customers and caters to organizations around the world. Any business looking to become a client is welcome - company size is not relevant.

Will I Be Charged VAT At Checkout?

Qogita will only charge VAT if and when required given tax regulations. If clients provide a valid European VAT number, Qogita will charge 0% VAT for intra-EU trade. If, however, no valid European VAT number has been provided, Qogita will charge VAT for all intra-EU trade. For exports out of Europe or the UK, Qogita will not charge VAT at all. Invoicing will happen from The Netherlands or the United Kingdom (i.e., for Dutch or UK clients, Qogita will always charge VAT irrespective of whether a VAT number has been given).

Where Can I View Past Orders & Invoices?

Qogita provides customers with their dedicated account. Once logged-in you will be able to view your Order & Invoice history (along with many other features and details). You can further filter and search for specific orders if needed as well.

Are All Products Sellable In Europe?

Qogita only offers and sells EU Clean products across all categories, brands and product lines. Qogita never sells Deco or non-Clean products. As such, all products bought on the platform are ready to be sold across Europe without issue.

What Does Price From Or B2B Price Mean?

The B2B Price (also known as Price From) represents Qogita's best offer price per item. Depending on your specific case, this price may not be the actual price paid for that product (your optimized cart will always show the actual prices however). Note that prices shown on Qogita are always for single units (even if the title refers to pack quantities instead). In other words, for example, even if the product's name refers to a pack of 6, the price shown is per item.

Does Qogita Accept Returns Or Provide Refunds?

Qogita makes every possible effort to ensure that the products you receive are in excellent condition. However, note that Qogita does not allow returns - all products are delivered on an Ex-Works basis. In some cases Qogita will refund payments if items are missing (i.e., were invoiced and paid for but were not included in the shipment). In such cases, you are required to notify and provide details to Qogita within 24h of delivery. If the received parcel(s) show any external damage or the parcel(s) got lost in-transit, you will need to place a claim with the shipping company or to your insurer if you have covered in-transit risks.

What If Some Items Are Unavailable After Ordering?

Qogita cannot guarantee items are always in stock. If an order has been placed for an item that cannot be fulfilled, Qogita will reimburse the difference between what you paid and the actual cost. If the order can be partially fulfilled, only the cost of the missing items will be reimbursed (i.e., other costs like shipping, commission and any payment fees will not be reimbursed in such case). If, however, the entire order cannot be fulfilled, then all costs (except the payment fees) will be reimbursed accordingly.

Cart & Checkout

What Is Qogita's Minimum Order Value (i.e., MOV)?

The current MOV is €1,500.00 but Qogita may change this from time to time. Note that this minimum is an indication only - for certain products Qogita may have higher minima in which case these will be reflected in your cart when moving to checkout. As a general note, Qogita's MOV is visible in the website's header at all times.

Why Does Qogita's MOV Now And Then Change?

Qogita's minimum order value (i.e., MOV) is linked to the number of orders received on any given day. In order to maintain logistic efficiency, the MOV increases the more orders flow in and decreases as logistic capacity is freed up. This system helps us maintain operational stability as much as possible and enables us to give the best possible service to our clients.

Why Does My Cart Sometimes Change At Checkout?

Your cart undergoes three key steps when moving to checkout - combined, these steps represent Qogita'`s cart optimization:

  1. Qogita tries to minimize the cost price of the entire cart as well as the price of each cart item and the total shipping expense. In doing so, some line item prices and / or quantities may change (up or down)
  2. Qogita verifies the cart upholds various constraints such as minimum order value and selling units and may make changes to item quantities if the cart constraints have not been met
  3. Suppliers are allocated, which in turn can bring differences in shipping expenses. Qogita may change some line item prices and / or quantities (up or down) to minimize the shipping cost

All three steps can have an impact on the exact composition of your cart. Note, however, that even though these changes are always in the benefit of the buyer, it is highly advisable to carefully verify the optimization results before proceeding to order.

Why Does Qogita Optimize My Cart When Moving To Checkout?

The prices shown on product detail pages are not always the prices available to every customer - these prices are subject to various constraints including (but not limited to) minimum order value and selling unit. The optimization step converts your desired cart into one that can actually be purchased at the best possible price (i.e., allowing for the cart in totality, the selling units of every line item, the minimum order values, and shipping fees). The optimizer will allocate every cart line to the cheapest possible provider and always acts in the best interest of the buyer.

How To Remedy Unsuccessful Cart Optimizations?

Sometimes Qogita may be incapable of optimizing your cart - in such case, you will be notified when trying to move to checkout. Unsuccessful optimizations can have a number of reasons but usually these revolve around:

  • The cart quantity is much greater than the total inventory for that product
  • Allocated sellers may have a (much) higher minimum order value than Qogita's default
  • The selling unit of items may be much greater than the quantity of those items in the cart

In order to solve an unsuccessful optimization and continue to checkout, usually a combination of the following steps help:

  • Increase the desired quantities of items in your cart
  • Change the mix of products and quantities in your cart
  • Add additional products to your cart (not included initially)

For persistent issues, please reach out to our team.

What Changes Can I Expect During Optimization?

Customers can expect to see two specific changes applied to their cart during optimization. These are:

  1. Line item prices may increase as the unoptimized cart always shows Qogita's best offer price (i.e., the lowest price Qogita can offer)
  2. Line item quantities may either increase or decrease as Qogita tries to find a balance between various order minima and selling units

Qogita always advices customers to download the optimized cart, prior to payment, in order to carefully verify the results of the optimization procedure.

Shipping & Fulfillment

Which Shipping Carriers Are Used For Shipments?

Qogita uses a variety of well known shipping carriers for its shipments. These include:

  • DHL
  • DPD
  • PostNL
  • FedEx
  • Royal Mail
  • UPS
  • GLS
  • Hermes
  • TNT

Qogita minimizes shipping cost as much as possible for every delivery. As such, it may happen deliveries make use of different shipping carriers from time to time - this is an expected outcome of our optimization. Orders may be delivered in one or multiple shipments.

Are Shipments Insured In-Transit?

Shipments are generally uninsured unless noted otherwise. Shipments are sent on an Ex-Works basis meaning risk during transit is borne by the buyer.

Are Track & Trace Codes Provided For Shipments?

Almost all shipments will include Track & Trace codes by default. In such case, once your items have been shipped, you will receive an email containing your tracking codes. Additionally, you will be able to view tracking codes in your account's order history as well. In case of multiple shipments, you will receive a tracking code for each parcel separately.

Should I Expect My Order To Be Delivered In One Shipment?

Qogita optimizes your aggregate cart in order to best match your desired products and quantities whilst minimizing cost (allowing for shipping carrier fees). As a result of this optimization, your order may occasionally be delivered in one shipment but usually will consist of multiple shipments. Irrespectively, you will be notified of shipments and receive tracking codes for each shipment (whether single or multiple) where possible and available.

How Long Will It Take Before I Receive My Shipment?

Qogita provides an estimated Time To Ship for every cart line as well as every order line. The provided Time To Ship allows for both lead time and pick & pack time but does not allow for transit time as this will depend on the parcel's destination.

What Is Meant With Ex-Works?

Qogita sells all products on an Ex-Works basis. Effectively, this means Qogita's responsibility towards the products ends when all parcels have been handed over to the shipping carriers. In-transit insurance is not provided by Qogita but you are free to arrange that yourself with your preferred insurer.

How Much Does Qogita Charge For Shipping?

Qogita charges competitive shipping fees based on a number of factors including:

  • The type of shipment (e.g., boxes, pallets or containers)
  • The number of boxes and the size and weight of each box
  • The shipping destination and whether the shipment is considered export
    • Export requires additional paperwork which increases overall cost

Note that Qogita's shipping fee is always clearly visible in your cart as well as during checkout.

Why Did I Receive More / Less Products Than I Ordered?

Unfortunately, it may occasionally happen that more or less of a particular product is shipped to your warehouse than ordered. Causes for these issues usually revolve around (i) not having enough inventory available, (ii) pick and pack errors, or (iii) various selling unit restrictions.

  • If less products were shipped:
    • A credit note will be issued in which the undelivered products will be credited in full
    • Money is transferred back to your account via the same payment method used at checkout
    • Any item count difference will be based solely on the goods-out packing list (no other base is applicable)
  • If more products were shipped:
    • An additional invoice will be issued in which the overdelivered products will be charged in full
    • Any item count difference will be based solely on the goods-out packing list (no other base is applicable)

Qogita always tries its very best to minimize these undesired fluctuations as much as possible. Experience proves, however, that in this type of physical goods trade fluctuations are unavoidable. In any event, differences will under most circumstances not exceed 15% deviation either way.

Sell First, Pay Later

How Can I Benefit From Sell First, Pay Later?

Financing can help merchants run their business more efficiently (i) with less upfront capital required or (ii) with more inventory available for an equal amount of upfront capital. Qogita's Sell First, Pay Later scheme:

  1. Enables customers to buy inventory today
  2. Pay as little as 25% of the invoiced amount immediately
  3. And pay the remainder monthly over up to 3 months

Assuming merchants sell their inventory within those 3 months they effectively paid for their inventory after having sold it already. Further, applying credit on orders could not be any easier: simply choose the amount and duration of the credit at checkout and consider it done.

How Much & For How Long Can I Get Financing?

Qogita understands that not every business is the same and hence different businesses have different needs. To accomodate these disparate needs, Qogita currently offers financing according to the below ranges:

  • Debt Amount: Up to 25%-75% of your total invoiced amount
  • Debt Duration: Up to 1-3 months after checkout

Merchants are always free to choose (i) if they take financing, (ii) how much financing they take and (iii) for how long their financing lasts.

How Much Does Qogita Charge For Financing?

Qogita charges a low and competitive fee in the range across 0.83%-5.04% of the financed amount. The higher the financed amount and/or the longer the financed duration, the higher the fee is within this range. Our fee is most likely a much lower rate than what individual merchants would have to pay in case they arranged financing themselves. Qogita bundles purchasing power across all merchants to give everyone a better deal.

Am I Eligible For Financing?

Every professional merchant on Qogita is eligible for financing. Signing up for a debtor account should not take more than 5 minutes maximum and approval of the account is usually granted within 24 hours. To sign up, Qogita requests you to:

  • Confirm your key account details including your company name, personal name, VAT number
  • Add or select your billing address to be linked to your debtor account
  • Provide your IBAN to be used for the monthly repayment installments
  • Read and sign our Sell First, Pay Later contract
  • Upload a company proof of registration (usually granted by the relevant Chamber of Commerce)
  • Upload a recent, unexpired, passport copy of your company director or main shareholder

The exact steps to signup can be found on your dashboard when logged in. Qogita reserves the right to reject financing applications if deemed prudent or necessary. Further, approvals are re-evaluated frequently and previously approved accounts may get disapproved of further financing.